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SINCE 1973

Our Company


At Advert Group, USA we recognize the value of our employees, customers and clients. We are dedicated to providing safe environments for all of our valued clients. To establish essential business partnerships with clients, promoting a safer, more secure environment, while contributing to our client’s profitability as a value-added security service.

Our Vision

To be widely regarded as the contract security provider of choice, offering the highest levels of service and unsurpassed response to the needs of our clientele.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that the essential of any professional security services include:

The security programs we propose are based on your needs and concerns regarding the protection of your facility and our knowledge of the industry. You will have the peace of mind knowing our team of experts will work with you to customize a program to fit your needs.

Further, we follow-up with 24 hours a day, seven days a week management support.

Fast Facts

What Makes Advert Group, USA Different

Ready, Responsive, Reliable Officers

When hiring AGU security officers, you are supporting veterans of the U.S. military and law enforcement. As an added safeguard AGU embraces a vigorous and comprehensive employee screening and interview evaluation process. Our high success rates in client retention in the demanding and competitive market provide a noteworthy fact that instantly distinguishes us from all other providers

Trusted Protection When You Need It

AGU armed and unarmed security officers offer a flexible and cost effective method for helping to protect your workforce, clients, and visitors as well as your physical and intellectual property.

Retaining our people is one of our strengths with a retention rate in the top percentile for the security industry. We focus heavily on developing talent from within. We mentor and support our employees as part of our succession planning model. Our people are ultimately appreciated, supported and well-managed.

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